Those familiar with the movie Step Brothers will get the reference to the Catalina Wine Mixer. The characters in the film, Dale and Brennan, played by John C Reilly and Will Ferrell, become stepbrothers in their 40's after their parents, played by Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins, get married. The families combine households and crazy antics ensue, including planning the "biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hemisphere," also known as the "F#$%% Catalina Wine Mixer."

Countless quotable lines in the movie include: "Why are you so sweaty?" "I was watching Cops." "I'm Dale, but you have to call me Dragon." "You don't even look good when you're singing." “Brennan, that is the voice of an angel. Brennan, I can’t even make eye contact with you right now. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.” “This is going to sound weird, but for a second, I think you took on the shape of a unicorn.”

In 2015, the Catalina Island Company decided it made perfect sense to create the Step Brothers-inspired Catalina Wine Mixer. We had Catalina, we just had to add some helicopters, music and wine. The three-day event, held every September, is a fun way to relive the movie, the lines and the antics of the characters.

The weekend starts with a screening of Step Brothers at the Catalina Casino, followed by a Step Brothers costume contest, DJ and dancing at the Avalon Grille. The 2017 event features music by G. Love and Special Sauce, Everett Coast and The Wailers on Saturday and Sour Blossom, PPL MVR, GGOOLLDD and The Dan Band on Sunday. General admission and VIP tickets are available. You can purchase a 2-day pass or tickets to either Saturday or Sunday. For more information, visit Catalina Wine Mixer.

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If you can't make this year's event, don't worry. The 2018 Catalina Wine Mixer is September 21-23.