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Course Settings - Catalina Harbor, Two Harbors

For centuries, sailors have sought refuge in the protected harbors that make up the Two Harbors area. Catalina Harbor, on the windward side of the island, is the only natural, deep, all weather harbor in between San Diego and San Francisco. The headlands of Catalina Harbor, a unique rock formation, reaches out into the Pacific and protects the harbor from storms and winds. Isthmus Cove on the leeward side, faces the mainland, and though it is more open, it too, is normally calm and protected.

This resort area offers boaters all the amenities expected. A dinghy dock, shore boat service, year-round fuel and water, trash service, and marine mechanic, along with the facilities and services at Two Harbors make it an ideal destination.

From Magnetic Course Reverse Course Distance in Nautical Miles
San Pedro Breakwater 202 022 18.8
Long Beach Breakwater 208 028 22.5
Long Beach Marina (East Breakwater Light) 213 033 24.0
Santa Monica 164 344 34.1
Marina Del Rey 170 350 30.0
Pt. Vincente 178 358 18.6