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Italian Gardens

Italian Gardens is a very wide bay with rock outcroppings and three separate cobblestone beaches, each with its own unique vibe.  The area was named after an Italian fisherman who used to dry their nets on the beaches here.

Nowadays fisherman still love the area, and it is avery popular site for kayaking, camping, swimming, snorkeling, and especially diving.  During the summer months the seas are generally calm at all three beaches.

As you kayak from Avalon, you will pass Long Point, Long Point Beach, and follow the gentle curve of the shoreline west.  The shoreline after Long Point Beach is rocky, and a favorite spot for harbor seals to haul up out of the water and sun themselves. Then, you will see a large cobblestone beach – campsite 1 – where the old time Italian fisherman used to dry their nets.

About the Sites

Italian Gardens Campsite 1 and 2

Italian Gardens campsite 1 and 2 are the first campsites that you will encounter as you paddle west from Avalon entering the cove.  It is fairly large cobblestone beach, with two campsites, (Italian Gardens 1 being on the east side of the beach, closest to Avalon).  There is no sand, but lots of sun, and exposure to the NW.  Each campsite can accommodate five people.

Italian Gardens Campsite 3

Campsite 3 is located right at the bight of the bay, where a small creek empties into the ocean. The beach area here is entirely cobblestone and accommodates up to six people.  It is shielded on the east, by a rocky outcropping, from campsite 1.

Italian Gardens Campsite 4

Campsite 4 is the most intimate of the three sites with room for only one tent.  The site itself faces a bit more east, protecting it from the NW wind swells. Holds a max of 2 people.

About Italian Gardens

GPS coordinates: 33  24.65   118  22.67

Miles from Avalon:  5.25

Miles from Two Harbors:  7.375