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Goat Harbor

Goat Harbor is located halfway between Avalon and Two Harbors.  The beach at Goat Harbor consists entirely of semi-flat golf ball-sized cobblestones, with a nice flat area above the high tide mark for camping. Conditions for swimming, snorkeling and especially diving are ideal at Goat Harbor. The ocean bottom just offshore offers a gently sloping reef that supports all kinds of marine life, making it a popular dive spot on Catalina.

About the Sites

Goat Harbor features three campsites: Goat Harbor 1, 2 and 3. Goat Harbor 1 is closest to the east side of the beach (closest to Avalon), Goat Harbor 2 is in the middle, and Goat Harbor 3 is on the west side of the beach (closest to Two Harbors). All three sites are fairly similar and hold a maximum of four people each.

About Goat Harbor

GPS coordinates: 33  24.99   118  23.68

Miles from Avalon: 6.25

Miles from Two Harbors: 6.375