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Lava Wall

Lava Wall is truly a beautiful location for camping and beach activities. The beach is about ¼ mile long and is made up of smooth cobblestone with more sand near the waters’ edge. The backdrop is a huge lava wall cliff that brings shade to the area in the afternoon.

The ocean is generally calm in the summer months.  In the spring, fall, and winter, a northwest wind swell can produce waves on the beach. 

Snorkeling and diving are possible at either end of the beach with a decent variety of fish and marine life. 

About the Sites

There are two campsites at Lava Wall: Lava Wall 1 and Lava Wall 2. Due to the length of the beach, visitors will have a decent amount of separation from other campers. There is no sunshade except for the cliff blocking the sun in the afternoon. Each campsite holds a max of six people.

About Cabrillo Beach

GPS Coordinates: 33  25.36  118  25.51

Miles from Avalon: 8.125

Miles to Two Harbors: 4.5