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Points of Interest

Catalina Island Casino

The Catalina Island Casino has been the focal point of Santa Catalina Island entertainment and culture since it opened in 1929. Dominating the Avalon landscape from its regal perch along the bay, the casino exemplifies the style and romance of Catalina Island.

El Rancho Escondido

Nestled in a small valley 12 miles outside of Avalon is El Rancho Escondido, “the hidden ranch.” Still a working ranch, it was originally started as the Wrigley family's Arabian Horse Ranch.

Catalina Island Country Club

The Catalina Island Country Club is open for weddings and private events. The facility was originally built as the clubhouse for Wrigley’s baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. Now, after a lavish renovation, the club’s eclectic mix of Spanish Colonial design and sports memorabilia create a warm ambiance that us perfect for any special occasion.

Catalina Island Museum

For more than 60 years, the Catalina Island Museum has collected, preserved and presented the rich cultural heritage of Santa Catalina Island for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. The Catalina Island Museum invites you to discover more than 7,000 years of history through dozens of engaging and visually exciting exhibits.

Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Gardens

With its commanding view of Avalon Bay, The Wrigley Memorial is the centerpiece of the Botanical Gardens. The Wrigley Memorial was built in 1933-34, using as much Catalina Island materials as possible. The idea for a garden came from Mr. Wrigley's wife, Ada.

Civil War Barracks

In 1864, the U.S. Army sent 83 soldiers to survey Santa Catalina Island as a proposed reservation for “militant” Native Americans. The plan was never completed, but the barracks remain as a monument to the Civil War, World War II, and even a little Hollywood magic. It's the oldest structure on the island.

Banning House Lodge

Nestled on a hill overlooking Two Harbors, Banning House Lodge was built in 1910 as the summer home of the Banning brothers, the former owners of Catalina Island. The lodge served as the U.S. Coast Guard officers’ quarters during WWII, as a private girls’ camp in the in 1950s, as a hunting lodge, and as Two Harbors employee housing. Today it is a charming 12-room bed & breakfast, operated by the Catalina Island Company.