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El Rancho Escondido (the Hidden Ranch) was established by Philip K. Wrigley in 1930 in the interior of the island.  He and his wife Helen, bred and trained award winning Arabian horses.

Explore The Island On Foot

Hikers and backpackers both love the Two Harbors area for its diverse terrain and incredible views. Whether you are taking a day hike from your luxurious hotel or backpacking across the entire island, Two Harbors is a perfect place to start your journey. Free hiking permits are required and are available at the Two Harbors Visitor Services office.
The Two Harbors area offers day hikes ranging from easy to difficult, allowing both the casual hiker and serious trekker to venture into the interior of the island. Some trails follow existing roads while others meander up steep ridges. Both offer expansive views of the ocean, Channel Islands and the California mainland. Whichever path you choose, the hiking is exhilarating.
Backpacking Catalina is a great way to see more of the island while enjoying a variety of sites. An ideal trip is to arrive at one port (Avalon or Two Harbors), backpack through the interior, and then depart from the other port.
There are five campgrounds maintained by the Catalina Island Company, along with several boat-in campsites. The three seaside campgrounds include Two Harbors, Parsons Landing, and beyond Two Harbors, Little Harbor. Blackjack is a mountain-top campground, while Hermit’s Gulch is in Avalon.
These campgrounds give the backpacker ample overnight camping spots. Camping is available by reservation and is allowed only in designated campgrounds. Limited bus service is available between Avalon and Two Harbors on the Safari Bus, with stops at all campgrounds along the way.

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