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Summer Entertainment

Feel the Two Harbors vibe

Complete your day of relaxation with Harbor Reef Restaurant, by cutting a rug out on the dance floor! Featuring local artists and live performances that will leave you saying this was the best summer yet!

06/17, Friday         8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
06/18, Saturday    2pm-6pm    Kayln & The New Frontier
06/18, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
06/19, Sunday     10am-2pm    Kayln & The New Frontier
06/24, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
06/25, Saturday    10am-2pm    Headshine
06/25, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
06/26, Sunday      10am-2pm    Headshine

07/01, Friday         8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/02, Saturday    2pm-6pm    The Noise Boys
07/02, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/03, Sunday      2pm-6pm    The Noise Boys
07/04, Monday     10am-2pm    The Noise Boys
07/08, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/09, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/15, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/16, Saturday    2pm-6pm    Cary Park
07/16, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/17, Sunday      10am-2pm    Cary Park
07/22, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/23, Saturday    2pm-6pm    The Knockouts
07/23, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
07/24, Sunday     10am-2pm    The Knockouts

08/05, Friday         8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/06, Saturday    2pm-6pm    Good Cop Bad Cop
08/06, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/07, Sunday      10am-2om    Good Cop Bad Cop
08/12, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/13, Saturday    2pm-6pm    Good Cop Bad Cop
08/13, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/14, Sunday     10am-2pm    Good Cop Bad Cop
08/19, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/20, Saturday    2pm-6pm    Headshine
08/20, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/21, Sunday     10am-2pm    Headshine
08/26, Friday        8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/27, Saturday    2pm-6pm    Catalina Eddie & The Buzzballs
08/27, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
08/28, Sunday     10am-2pm    Catalina Eddie & The Buzzballs

09/02, Friday         8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
09/03, Saturday    2pm-6pm    The Danny Maika Band
09/03, Saturday    8pm-cl    DJ K-Fresh
09/04, Sunday      2pm-6pm    The Danny Maika Band
09/05, Monday     10am-2pm    The Danny Maika Band