Listen: You’re far too unique for your Spring Break to be a cliché.

Here on Catalina Island, we offer the perfect Spring Break holiday that you’ll actually enjoy from start to finish. Steer clear of the swarms of other Spring Break travelers at this utterly charming destination, where you’ll be able to experience a different, more meaningful kind of indulgence.

Your journey begins with a convenient and comfortable ferry ride from mainland Southern California. Sit on the top deck to feel the Pacific breeze in your hair, and in no time you’ll be able to marvel at the island’s landmarks as they come into view. Arriving at your perfect Spring Break destination, our friendly staff will be on hand to guide you to your chosen hotel, which could be just steps away, or a short golf cart ride.

On this island, the world is your oyster, and you get to pick and choose an adventure that’s perfectly you.

Get Active

The hiking and biking trails that criss-cross Catalina Island offer a taste of that priceless sense of discovery, as you round a bend and encounter one stunning vista after another. You can also book an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, like becoming a falconer for a day in picturesque Descanso Canyon. Our instructors will help you get familiar with our amazing birds of prey, and you’ll learn to cast and call back a falcon, hawk or owl. Heart racing thrills can also be had as you soar through the air on our Zip Line Eco Tour. And for those craving a different kind of night life, the Catalina Aerial Adventure is open after dark for you to challenge yourself and find your inner strength.

Get Cultured

Catalina Island is rich in history and local lore, and there’s no better way to learn about it than to explore our museums and speak with the people who’ve lived here their whole lives. Guided tours of the Catalina Casino will bring you back to the golden era where it hosted thousands of revelers who danced to big band music, and through the Avalon Theatre, which was among the first cinemas in the world built to deliver sound, marking the advent of the “Talkies” that replaced silent movies. The iconic landmarks are also architectural gems, built in rich Art Deco style and a stunning backdrop for a truly memorable vacation selfie.

Get Some Vitamin Sea

If your idea of a Spring Break vacation does involve quality time on a beach, you’ll be happy to learn that Catalina Island is blessed with an expansive shoreline ringed with the finest white sand. All year round, snorkeling tours can also take you to get up close and personal with the rich marine life around the island. For those who’d like to explore the water a little differently, an Undersea Sub Expedition is the best way to discover the wonders of our marine preserve. Looking for a more relaxing time? Rent a cabana and spend the day sipping on delicious, hand crafted cocktails at the Descanso Beach Club. It is, after all, island time.

We welcome you to spend your Spring Break on Catalina Island, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Book your vacation here.