buffalo milk_0.jpgA little known fact: Catalina Island is home to a herd of bison, also known as the American buffalo. Twelve head of bison where brought to the island in the 1920's for the filming of Zane Grey's book adaption of the Vanishing American. Over the years the herd has expanded and thinned, leaving us with about 150 permanent residents. We drink a lot of Buffalo Milk on Catalina Island, but it's not the kind of Buffalo Milk that you might think. Our Buffalo Milk is a creamy and delicious libation, best enjoyed at the beach. "Buffalo Milk" was created by a bartender at Harbor Reef in Two Harbors, which at the time was named Doug's. Bartender Michael Hoffler was famous for creating new drink creations and testing them out on the staff during the quieter winter months. This drink was a big hit and has been on the menu ever since. The drink has made it's way into most restaurants and bars on Catalina Island. Think of it as a White Russian gone crazy.

Buffalo Milk Recipe

  • Half shot of Creme de Cocoa
  • Half shote of Kahlua
  • Half shot of Creme de Banana
  • One shot of vodka
  • Half & Half

Blend together with ice and top with whip cream, nutmeg and a slice of banana. Enjoy!

Some of our favorite spots to enjoy a Buffalo Milk on Catalina Island

  • Avalon Grille
  • Descanso Beach Club
  • Harbor Reef Restaurant & Saloon
  • Harbor Sands
  • Buffalo Milk
  • Catalina Island