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Spring has sprung for families on Catalina Island and summer is almost here!

Catalina Island Dolphin Quest TourBy land or by sea, day or night Catalina has plenty of activities to create a memorable weekend away. The Ocean Explorer is by far one of the best tours on the Island.  Meet our boat Captains and get ready to tour the Catalina Channel on a Ribcraft in search of the friendly, fun-loving mammals that live and play along the coast of the island. Our Captains will help you get up close and personal with dolphins and other wildlife on the island like seals, sea lions and bald eagles. 
If you aren’t in the mood for an ocean tour then the East End Adventure may be more your speed.  Climb into (literally) an open-air, biofuel H1 Hummer and get ready to travel 1,500 feet above sea level. You’ll enjoy a birds-eye view of romantic Santa Catalina Island and the ocean beyond.  Don’t be surprised if one of the adorable island foxes makes an appearance on your tour. The tour ends in Avalon just in time for one of Catalina’s famous buffalo milk cocktails! 
Catalina Island Summit Night AdventureWhen the sun sets over Catalina a whole new set of activities becomes available. If it’s your first time to the island the Flying Fish Voyage is a sure bet. It’s true—fish really do fly in Catalina. Hop on a nighttime cruise aboard the open-deck Blanche W. as searchlights dramatically spotlight these marine aviators gliding across the sea. The Blanche W. is a vintage (1924) classic wooden vessel specifically built to tour the waters around Catalina Island. The boats World War One-era, 40-million candlepower searchlights entice the flying fish to soar out of the water. 
If you missed the hummer tour during the day then the Summit Night Adventure is ready to whisk you away for a starlit adventure. Climb the winding, tree-lined road up to the Summit for spectacular viewing of the island’s nighttime sky. On clear nights you can see the twinkling lights of Los Angeles and the necklace of lights that winds down the coastline of Southern California. With the guide providing a nature narrative you may be fortunate to see some of Catalina's wild night creatures, such as bison, fox, bats, deer, or owls. Blankets, cocoa and cookies add comfort to your night of adventure. The best part; 10% of the proceeds go to support the Catalina Island Conservancy.
There are so many things for families to do on Catalina Island this summer! Come visit and make some lasting family memories!

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