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5 Reasons to Play Hooky and Head to Catalina

Catalina Island is just an hour off the coast, but it’s a world away from the mainland grind. Studies show that taking an unscheduled day off on Catalina will make you a healthier happier, more productive worker. Okay…so there are no studies. But you have to agree that the idea of playing hooky on a beautiful island paradise is a tempting proposition. Here are just five in a long list of reasons to give in to the temptation and take off for Catalina. 1) Soft sand, warm sun and cool cocktails Every impromptu Catalina escape should include a visit to hooky heaven, otherwise known as Descanso...

The Catalina Wine Mixer is Real

Yes, it's true. The Catalina Wine Mixer was a fictional event. Those familiar with the Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers will know the reference to the Catalina Wine Mixer. The characters in the film, Dale and Brennan, played by John C Reilly and Will Ferrell become step brothers in their 40's after their parents, played by Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins marry. Crazy antics ensue including planning the "biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hemisphere," also known as the "F#$%% Catalina Wine Mixer."