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Pigeon Mail Service

Catalina Island Homing Pigeon Service
Santa Catalina Island Homing Pigeon Service Up until 1894, the only way for Avalon to communicate with the mainland was to send messages to the mainland via the late afternoon steamship. The island was then owned by the Banning brothers, who had thought about laying cable between the mainland and island, but found it too expensive of an enterprise. It was then that two brothers, Otto and Oswald Zahn stepped up (or more correctly, flew up) to meet the needs of the community and its visitors. The Zahns created a homing pigeon service from Avalon to downtown Los Angeles. Once the carrier pigeon...

A Step Back in Time: Union Barracks

Civil War Barracks Catalina Island
Union Barracks Santa Catalina Island has the unusual distinction of having Union Barracks dating back to the Civil War. They were built in 1864 and are located at the island’s isthmus, now called Two Harbors. Lt. Col. James F. Curtis , in a scout report to his superiors, told of the two good harbors, available fresh water and the best weather in the southern part of the California coastline. The reason for the scouting of the island was smuggling. Southern California was full of Confederate sympathizers and the U.S. Army, Drum Barracks in San Pedro was concerned about Confederacy guns and...