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Catalina Island - Step Back in TimeBeginning in the late twenties, an annual pageant was played out at sunrise on Easter Sunday, turning the park into a spectacular outdoor space for worship. Worshippers would begin their climb up the hill in complete darkness lit only by the stars, as the Chimes rang out somber tones over the sleepy town. Buena Vista Park (like Mt. Ada) is the first spot to catch the sunrise and as people carefully walked to their seats the sun would begin its rise up from the horizon and the pageant would begin. 
The amateur cast of local townspeople, in full costumes and robes, would act out the resurrection of Christ against an old stone archway, small dirt stage and wide tiered dirt steps. The stage area was completely banked with hundreds of beautiful and fragrant Easter Lilies. Lilies that had come from Avalon gardens planted mostly in anticipation of the pageant.
The pageant stopped during World War II but started up again in the sixties for a few more years but later was discontinued. The “Mary Williams Club of Avalon” (now the Santa Catalina Island Women’s Club sponsored the event.
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