Hop on the ferry and let your mainland worries slip into the sea breeze as you charge across the Pacific in the company of dolphins. The dreamy isle of Catalina is a world unto itself, where bison roam and golf carts outnumber cars. Check in to Hotel Atwater; the historic 1920s Wrigley Family property got a modern refresh, and it hosts you right in the center of town. Then immediately head to Descanso Beach Club for street tacos and a Catalina Unquarantini (Tito’s, Aperol, and citrus juice). For an afternoon adrenaline rush, harness up and zip-line down the steep seaside canyon or opt for Rumble & Trek, a bison safari in a biofuel Hummer followed by a 2.2 mile elevated hike for arresting views of the island’s far side. A 30-minute stroll up the hill from town leads to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden, where you can see plants that are endemic to the island and explore the chewing gum magnate’s legacy of protecting Catalina’s natural wonders. Nighttime means sustainable seafood at BlueWater Avalon or casual bites at Luau Larry’s, which serves the island’s signature Buffalo Milk cocktail—a boozy milkshake spin on a white Russian. Lastly, keep an ear open for more pop-up sleepovers at the landmark Casino Ballroom, where two lucky guests at a time get the art deco gem to themselves and enjoy a private concierge, tour, screening, and 1920s drinks and cuisine.

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