The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to launch a new fitness regimen. No baggage and a fresh start! Here, we're giving you dozens and dozens of options to jump-start a tradition of wellness. And we're going to make sure your workouts are fun - all the more likely to keep you going back for more. Many of these fitness options are outdoors, but they'll include everything from palatial clubs to tiny storefront boutiques to oceanside exercise groups that meet on the sand. We all know that mixing it up keeps things fresh, so we've also got aerial hoop sessions, wall­climbing and rebounding classes, plus new takes on traditional workouts such as running and swimming. For an extra dose of pampering, we've also included world-class destination spas, which have spent the last two years upgrading, updating and adding even more luxurious amenities to their extensive list of bliss­promoting resources. It's safe to say this list will help you prioritize your health and wellness this year - and beyond. Now get started on your New Year, and your New You! 

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