Built as a family summer cottage for Chicago Cubs owner William Wrigley Jr. in 1921, Four-Star Mt. Ada sits perched on a hill overlooking the port of Avalon. The Georgian Colonial Revival-style mansion is pristinely preserved with antique furnishings, bay windows affording breathtaking ocean vistas throughout and beautiful relics, like original Catalina Pottery. Due to its intimate six-room size, Mt. Ada is an adults-only property — unless you arrange a buyout of the estate. And it’s an ideal venue for a private family vacation, with impressive perks such as complimentary breakfasts and three-course lunches, luxury golf carts, butler’s pantry access (raid it for spirits, wine and snacks) and more.

Run by the Catalina Island Company, the Wrigley family’s hospitality business, Mt. Ada ensures cleanliness with its “Keep Well” guidelines, which include UV-light sanitizing, wrapped towels and room accessories like coffee cups, and healthy traveler kits (with masks and sanitizer) for every guest.


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