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Catalina Wine Mixer® 2017

G Love and Special Sauce
The tradition of hip-hop blues has always been to rip open the heart and bare the soul. Tell the listener what they want to hear, and you'll have a fair weather friend; tell them the way it is, and you'll have true love. G Love delivers his loping lilt with bone-humming honesty, and he's never sounded so clear. The group dances with the muses of their mentors, like John Hammond, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Reed and De La Soul, without ever missing the beat that perfectly captures the sweat-your-funk-out, soul-searchin’, dust-ridden road warriors G Love and Special Sauce have come to embody.
The Wailers
More so than any other band, The Wailers brought reggae to the world and helped elevate Bob Marley to the status of first “Third World Superstar.” The incredible merging of musical minds that resulted in The Wailers Band was a unique moment in the history of contemporary music. Formed as a vocal harmony group in the Trench Town slum in 1963, the group recorded and performed with an ever-changing cast of session musicians. Today, in a time when reggae has been obliterated by gangsta rap, techno, and apolitical dancehall, the Wailers continue to inspire reggae fans all over the world. 
As inspired by the shimmery decadence of Queen as they are by the primal yowl of Black Sabbath, GGOOLLDD is one of the most celebratory rock acts to emerge in years. They formed on whim, decided to play their first show mostly as an excuse to host a killer party, and they eschew the traditional record-deal game in favor of playing shows and releasing their own material. It’s all part of their signature aesthetic. And it feeds into their sound, especially their latest single, “Secrets,” a soaring banger that reflects that core tension between winging it and great artistry. 
The Dan Band
Dan Band mouthpiece (and namesake) Dan Finnerty never planned on a career in music, let alone fronting a group that specializes in medleys of '80s classics. Through word of mouth, The Dan Band began attracting numerous celebrities to their shows, resulting in the group being cast in The Hangover, The Wedding Planner and Old School, where they unleashed an expletive-heavy rendition of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Finnerty has since appeared in Steven Spielberg's The Terminal, as well as Starsky & Hutch. The Dan Band released its full-length debut, Dan Band Live, in April 2005.

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