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Did You Know?

George Shatto bought the island in 1887 for $200.000. He built the original Metropole Hotel and Steamer Pier. He also auctioned off Avalon lots for $150 to $2,000. Due to financial difficulties, Shatto defaulted on his loans and lost the island to the Banning Brothers in 1891. 

Catalina Island Discovery Tour Plaza

The Tour Plaza is located in Avalon, one block from the beach between Catalina Avenue and Sumner Avenue. (View on a Catalina Island Map) The Tour Plaza is the starting point for all land tours with the Catalina Island Company including the Avalon Scenic Tour, Cape Canyon Expedition, Skyline Tour, Inland Expedition and the East End Adventure. This is also the drop off and pick up point for the Safari Bus which travels between Avalon and Two Harbors. There is a ticket kiosk in the Tour Plaza where you can purchase tickets for all tours and check-in for land adventures.

The Golf Gardens main entrance is located just past the Discovery Tours Plaza on Sumner Avenue and across the street from the City Library.

We also operate a ticket kiosk on the green Pleasure Pier off Crescent Avenue. The Discovery Tours ticket kiosk is the starting point for ocean adventures including Ocean Runner, Discover Two Harbors, Undersea Expedition and Flying Fish Voyage.

Tour reservations: 800-626-1496.


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