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Did You Know?

The Miss Catalina boats were beautiful mahogany speedboats that operated out of Avalon Bay for over 50 years. Going over 50 miles per hour, these boats were popular with visitors wanting a “thrill” ride.

Avalon, CA - Catalina Island

The town of Avalon surrounds beautiful Avalon Bay on the southeast end of Santa Catalina Island. Avalon has been a popular destination for visitors since the early 1900’s. From the ‘20’s and beyond, Avalon has attracted film stars to presidents and still maintains its charm and allure today. Avalon, boasting numerous hotels, restaurants, beaches and recreational activities, is the only incorporated town on Santa Catalina Island.

If you arrive to Catalina Island on a high-speed ferry, you’ll dock at Cabrillo Mole boat landing. From there it’s a short walk to the main part of town. Luggage service is available for visitors staying at the Pavilion Hotel or Hotel Atwater and transportation is provided for guests staying at Mt. Ada. The main street surrounding the Bay is called Crescent Avenue, which turns into a pedestrian mall between Clarissa and Metropole Avenues. Off Crescent you’ll find the town’s main beaches, numerous shops and restaurants. The green Pleasure Pier, in the center of the Avalon Bay is the departure point for numerous ocean expeditions, including the Undersea Expedition, Glass Bottom Boat, Flying Fish Voyage, Discover Two Harbors Tour and Ocean Runner Dolphin Tour. One block back from Crescent, between Catalina and Sumner Avenues, you’ll find the Tour Plaza, which is the departure point for land expeditions, including the Avalon Scenic Tour, Skyline Drive, Cape Canyon Expedition, East End Adventure and Inland Expedition. You’ll also find the Miniature Golf Gardens here. Ticket kiosks are available at the Tour Plaza, green Pleasure Pier and the Cabrillo Mole.

Avalon is home to many points of interest including the Descanso Beach Club, Catalina Island Museum, Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Gardens, Casino Point Dive Park, Lovers Cove Marine Preserve and the Catalina Casino.

We look forward to seeing you in Avalon, the bright gem of the ocean, where you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality!

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