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Biofuel Hummer Tours

Explore Catalina Island on an Off Road Adventure

Enjoy spectacular views of the coastline while you spot beautiful wildflowers (seasonal) and search for bison!

Ridgetop Eco Adventure

2 hrs / $85

Climb in to our unique, open-air, biofuel H1 Hummer for an unforgettable trip to the summit above Avalon. Traveling to 1,500 feet above sea level, you’ll enjoy a birds-eye view of romantic Catalina Island and the ocean beyond. This tour travels five miles up rugged interior terrain, where you will experience spectacular views of the coastline and deep canyons below. Lined by beautiful eucalyptus trees, the tour winds its way back along the Summit Road into Avalon.

Bison Expedition 

2 hours / $85

Climb aboard an open-air biofuel Hummer and go in search of American bison on this exciting expedition into Catalina’s rugged interior. Catalina’s American bison, sometimes referred to as buffalo, are descendants of a small herd left on the island by a movie crew in the 1920s. While you keep your eyes peeled for Catalina's American bison grazing on the hillsides, your guide will share interesting facts about Catalina's history, flora and fauna as you journey through historic Middle Ranch and up rugged Cape Canyon to a scenic overlook on Black Jack Mountain.