E.g., 12/14/2018

Island Spa Massage Therapist

The Role:

The incumbent is responsible for providing bodywork sessions for guests.  Massage Therapists apply a variety of scientifically developed massage techniques to the soft tissue of the body to improve muscle tone and circulation.  Massage Therapists work to enhance well-being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, prevent disease and resort health.  Massage Therapists agree to conduct their practices in an acceptable, ethical and professional behavior.

Island Spa Cosmetologist

The Role:

The incumbent is responsible for the delivery of various manicure, pedicure treatments, hair washing, cut, blow dry, barbering services to include shaving, make-up applications and lesson and waxing services that offer guests a method to reduce stress, relaxation and contribute to a sense of well-being, as well as providing guests with appropriate at home product/retail support.



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