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Catalina Island Company Real Estate

Santa Catalina Island is part of Los Angeles County, located 23 miles from the mainland of the State of California and comprising 76 square miles with approximately 52 miles of coastline. Largely undeveloped and unchanged in character, Santa Catalina Island represents a refreshing and unusual contrast to an otherwise densely populated urban area of the United States. To preserve this valuable open space for the enjoyment of the general population, approximately 88% was contributed to a legally defined non-profit Conservancy. The remaining land in Santa Catalina Island, mostly in the City of Avalon and the unincorporated village of Two Harbors, is privately owned. The principal private landowner is the Catalina Island Company (SCICo), and it is the corporation's intention to selectively develop a portion of these assets in an orderly and profitable manner while preserving the charm and unique character of the island.

SCICo owns both unimproved and improved real estate and through its wholly owned subsidiary, Catalina Island Resort Services (CIRS), manages and leases these properties. The improved portion of the corporation’s real estate includes industrial, commercial, residential and public use properties. Industrial properties include two rock quarries, a concrete batch plant, above grade and underground fuel storage tanks, garage/vehicle maintenance/gas station compounds, a heliport, two boatyards, offshore moorings, and several light industrial/storage developments. Commercial properties include hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, retail and grocery stores, offices, land and ocean based sightseeing operations and other visitor/resident services and recreational amenities. Residential properties include ground leases for single and multi-family residential developments managed by others, company owned/operated residential projects and for-sale lots. Public use properties include land/building leases for civic functions as well as roads, storm drains, flood control basins, sewage systems, potable water and fire flow systems.

In Avalon, CIRS operates the Pavilion and Atwater hotels, the Catalina Casino Building, the Descanso Beach Club, the Catalina Visitors Country Club facility used for conferences and special events, the Avalon Grille for fine dining and the Catalina Island Golf Course. These facilities offer a variety of high quality hotel, dining, dancing, beach and event venues.

At Two Harbors at the isthmus of Catalina, CIRS operates properties which include both commercial/industrial buildings and residential properties. Visitor services at Two Harbors are provided to boaters, campers, divers and other visitors through the operation of the Banning House Lodge, the Harbor Reef Restaurant, vacation renal cottages, a general store, campgrounds and dive center. SCIRS is a member with the Catalina Island Conservancy of Island Recreation Enterprises, LLC (IRE) and as the manager of IRE is responsible for providing all harbor services to the boaters and to campers on Conservancy campgrounds operated by IRE.