Pirates, sailors, and land lubbers alike: take heed! It’s almost time for the legendary Buccaneer Days weekend in Two Harbors. Every October, the west end of Catalina Island transforms into a pirate's haven, where buccaneers from all corners of the Seven Seas gather for a weekend of merrymaking and mayhem. This raucous pirate affair is a guaranteed good time for all (21 and over, of course!), but there are a few tips you can keep in mind to make it the best weekend ever.

Dress the Part, MateysBucc Days

Arrr, don yer finest pirate attire and let yer inner buccaneer shine bright. Put yer best hook forward and prepare to enter the costume contest on Saturday eve. This contest be a favorite every year, and ye’ll love strutting yer stuff in front of the whole crew.

Hunt for Buried Treasure

Another event beloved by pirates far and wide be the hunt for buried treasure. Come out to the Treasure Hunt, where ye and yer first mate will set off on a quest for the coveted chest o' gold. Go head to head against other crews, takin' photos and videos around Two Harbors. Be the first to complete the challenge, and treasure will be waitin' for ye.

Come Early for More Merriment

This year, enjoy an extra two days of entertainment! Come out Thursday night for a live DJ in the evenin', settin' the tone for a weekend of fun. Friday and Saturday will be filled with live music, extra events, and more, then cap the weekend off perfectly with a more laid-back music set on Sunday mornin'. Maximize yer entertainment (and the value of yer ticket) by plannin' accordingly.

Set Your Course

There be many ways to make yer way to the shores of Two Harbors. Those with their own vessel may want to drop a line right in the iIsthmus or one of the surrounding coves. For this, look at the mooring page for more information. Pirates without a ship can hop onto the Catalina Express in San Pedro for a ride across the channel. Ye can also stay in Avalon and take the Cyclone power boat, which runs daily between Avalon and Two Harbors.

Weigh Anchor

Make sure ye find a place to lay yer head! Boaters may decide to stay on their boats, but ye can find a spot on dry land with a campin' package, which ye can purchase by callin' (855) 662-3848. Or, secure a hotel room in Avalon and bundle with yer ferry with a boat and hotel package! No matter how ye choose to stay, ye’re sure to have a grand time.

Whether ye be a seasoned pirate or a landlubber lookin' for a taste of the high seas, this weekend getaway is bound to be a swashbucklin' success. So hoist yer anchor, raise yer flag, and set course for Two Harbors – a pirate's paradise awaits!

View the event schedule and FAQs on the Buccaneer Days website. For more information call (855) 662-3848.