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Point your boat out to Catalina Island

Map to Catalina Island
For adventurous skippers in Southern California, Catalina Island remains the most convenient and most enjoyable cruising destination available. Sure, if you’re financially independent or just quit your job, you may consider La Paz and the Sea of Cortez. For the rest of us, we’re more than happy to cross the channel and drop anchor for a long weekend in a protected bay on Catalina.

Blanche W. Set to Retire

Blanche W Catalina Island
Our wonderfully iconic “Blanche W.” will be saying goodbye to her millions of fans after 85 years of service, at the end of this summer. Built in 1924 “The Blanche,” as we all call her, has grown old and beyond being able to repair and maintain her to the standards of the U.S. Coast Guard. The Blanche W. is a 64-foot, 98-passenger, solid-wood vessel built just to watch the flying fish. Her World-War-I-era, 40-million candlepower searchlights shine on the sea at an angle that simulates the silver streak of a large predator fish, enticing the fish to fly out of the water and into visitors'...