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Transportation Around Santa Catalina Island

The Safari Bus links the City of Avalon with the village of Two Harbors, including stops at Little Harbor, Airport in the Sky, and the trailhead for Black Jack Junction. The Safari Bus is a quick and easy way to navigate Santa Catalina Island and runs daily throughout the summer months.
In Avalon, purchase and pick up pre-paid tickets at any Discovery Tours ticket booth. Buses depart from the southeast corner of Island Tour Plaza.

In Two Harbors, purchase and pick up pre-paid tickets at the Visitor Services office at the foot of the Isthmus Pier.

*No dogs are allowed on the Safari Bus.

Safari Bus Schedule

October 25, 2017 - March 30, 2018
Monday thru Sunday (daily)
Two Harbors 12pm - Little Harbor 12:30pm - Airport 1pm- Avalon 2pm
Avalon 11am - Airport 12pm - Little Harbor 12:30pm - Two Harbors 1pm
March 31 - May 12, 2018
Monday thru Thursday
Avalon 10am - Airport 10:30am - Little Harbor 11am - Two Harbors 11:30am
Two Harbors 10:30am - Little Harbor 11am - Airport 12:00pm- Avalon 12:30pm
Two Harbors 4:30pm - Little Harbor 5pm - Two Harbors 5:30pm
Friday thru Sunday
Two Harbors 9am - Little Harbor 9:30am - Two Harbors 10am
Avalon 10am - Airport 10:30am - Little Harbor 11am - Two Harbors 11:30am
Two Harbors 10:30am - Little Harbor 11am - Airport 12pm- Avalon 12:30pm
Two Harbors 12pm - Little Harbor 12:30pm - Two Harbors 1pm
Avalon 4 pm - Airport 4:30pm - Little Harbor 5pm - Two Harbors 5:30pm
Two Harbors 4:30pm - Little Harbor 5pm - Airport 5:30pm- Avalon 6pm 
Two Harbors 5:30pm - Little Harbor 6pm - Two Harbors 6:30pm (Saturday & Sunday Only)
Two Harbors 8:45pm - Little Harbor 9:15pm - Two Harbors 9:45pm (Friday Only)

2017 Rates

One Way Bus Fares between: Adult


(2-11 yrs)


(2 max per person)

Two Harbors - Little Harbor $25 $16 $16 ea
Little Harbor - Airport $16 $13 n/a
Airport - Avalon $16 $13 n/a
* The Safari Bus is sold in different sections. Two Harbors to Avalon requires Two Harbors - Little Harbor, Little Harbor to Airport and Airport to Avalon.
* The purchase of a Safari Bus ticket allows each passenger 2 bags, no larger than 37 x 23 x 23 and weighing no more than 50 lbs each plus a small lap item. $16 each for additional bag. Coolers are $25 roundtrip and do not count as an included item.
Group/Unscheduled - $100
Regular Gear Haul - $5 per item
Scheduled Group Gear Haul - $185-$225
Regular Gear Haul - $16 per item
Coolers/Totes/Extra Large Bags - $25 per item
10 Passenger Van - $225
15 Passenger Van  - $325
*Chartered Gear Haul is required for Additional Luggage
To get a schedule and purchase tickets in Two Harbors, visit the Visitor Services office, located at the foot of Isthmus Pier. For reservations, call 310-510-4205.

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