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Grocery Pre-Order

For Groups of 20 or more, the Two Harbors General Store offers the ability to pre-order most any grocery item, we carry a wide variety but are happy to special order any products (ex: gluten free, dairy free, produce, vegetarian options). Your group of 20 or more can also pre-order any ice, camp fuel, liquor or beer requests (kegs) pending our vendor's availability/pricing. All pre-orders muste be made 2 weeks in advance to guarantee availability.
Water & Firewood can be ordered through Two Harbors General Store or Two Harbors Visitor Services, there is a delivery fee.
What is the incentive to pre-order? The Two Harbors General Store will have your items packed for pick up/delivery & we will throw in a crate of ice valued at $24, enough to fill any ice chest!
You can pre order your groceries and have them delivered. Please call Two Harbors Visitor Services at 310-510-4205 to schedule.
Please call or email us if you have any questions or would like to create an order, 310.510.4257 or generalstore@scico.com. Please see attached Pre-Order Form.


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General Store

Located in the heart of the Isthmus, the General Store serves the community of Two Harbors and all its visitors 365 days a year. You will find the store stocked with a nice variety of grocery items, specialty cheeses, breads, domestic and microbrew beers, wine and spirits.