Job Available: 

Monday, February 3, 2014

TITLE: Resort Revenue Manager
REPORTS TO: Vice President of Sales and Marketing
MANAGES: Activities Sales Agent/Fulfillment Coordinator

This position is responsible for analyzing Hotel and Activities revenue production for the two SCIC properties, the Pavilion and the Atwater Hotels. They are responsible for maintaining group and transient inventory controls, developing, monitoring and adjusting sales and pricing strategies, analyze demand factors, forecasting, competitive analysis, and maintaining distribution channel data integrity.


  • Conduct effective revenue management meetings
  • Assist in establishing group and transient selective sell targets and adjusting appropriately.
  • Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of restrictions and other selling strategies.
  • Produce a day by day, 12 month rolling forecast
  • Analyze no-show, same-day cancel, early departure, and unexpected stay-over patterns.
  • Provide a clear direction for group sales filling gap periods.
  • Analyze and review production of outside sales channels
  • Analyze and provide feedback and action plans from information contained in the STAR report.
  • Analyze competitive rate surveys
  • Review and update revenues weekly & analyze changes.
  • Attend Sales Business Review Meetings


  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Understands GDS and Internet systems
  • Understands Revenue Management theory and practice
  • Ability to perform critical analysis
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Comprehension of technical application of reservations system
  • Full understanding of each hotel product and the market conditions
  • Demonstrates self-confidence, energy and enthusiasm
  • Ability to deliver presentations in a concise well-organized manner
  • At least 5 years of hotel experience is required: front office, sales, and/or reservations.
  • 2 years departmental head experience preferred.
  • Management level experience required.

118 Years of Quality Service

In October, 1894, the Banning Brothers - William, Hancock and Joseph - incorporated the Santa Catalina Island Company, placed title to the Catalina Island land holdings they had acquired two years earlier into their newly-formed company, and then started building for the future. The Bannings planned to develop the island as a resort, and much of the initial development of Avalon took place during their ownership.

When William Wrigley Jr. acquired a majority interest in the Santa Catalina Island Company from the Bannings in 1919, the destiny of the Island began to change forever. This now-historic event cast the die for permanently preserving substantially all of Santa Catalina Island in its natural state. During the next 56 years, various conservation practices were initiated by the Wrigley-led Santa Catalina Island Company, including much-needed animal controls, protection of watersheds and reseeding of overgrazed areas.

A positive sense of future direction and prudent land stewardship have been the hallmark of the Santa Catalina Island Company since then, and remain so to this day. Thus, as we approach our second century, the Santa Catalina Island Company is headed into its 110th Year of Quality Service, and we are entering a new era of exciting challenges and opportunities.

Success in achieving these opportunities is a function of external economic/business factors, hard work and a commitment to well-founded business policies and practices. For the Santa Catalina Island Company our business philosophies are inexorably linked to the high business standards established over time by the two families which have controlled and guided our direction and destiny.

Santa Catalina Island Company invites you to visit any or all of our properties. We operate the Pavilion Hotel, Hotel Atwater, Catalina Expeditions, Catalina Visitors Country Club, Catalina Island Golf Course, Descanso Beach Club, Casino Ballroom and all operations located at the resort town of Two Harbors.

Mission and Vision Statement

To be a leader in providing an exceptional customer experience, enhancing appreciation for Catalina's history and preserving its character. While building on the company's legacy and vision, become an economically and environmentally sustainable business, always adapting to the times.

The vision of Santa Catalina Island Resort Services is to be recognized as a leader in providing exceptional individual and group experiences to our guests and visitors, and be a respected business partner with our employees, suppliers and community.

Our vision – like our history on Santa Catalina Island – is long term. We will use our resources (human, physical, financial and natural) in a sustainable manner to implement the highest quality plans, design and developments that create properties of enduring value. Along with other stakeholders we are committed to preserving the natural beauty and unique character of Santa Catalina Island. In Avalon, Two Harbors and other holdings we will work to develop a master planned, quality island community which preserves our history, culture and authenticity.


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E.g., 09/20/2014