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Walk along the ocean floor

Experience a universe of wonder beneath the sea. You do not need to be a certified diver or even know how to snorkel in order to view the kelp forests at Descanso Beach. Our specially engineered undersea helmets allow virtually anyone to safely and comfortably walk along the sea floor and view the incredible beauty of the marine world around Catalina Island. Underwater guides will take you on a walking tour along the ocean floor, past the towering Giant Kelp Forest, pointing out the vast array of sea life. Snuba combines snorkeling with the experience of SCUBA diving without being certified.  Connected by a long, flexible air tube attached to a surface floating device, the diver is free to move about in the deeper water without cumbersome air tanks. Slightly weighted, the diver has the experience of free diving while breathing comfortably through the snorkel. 
Catalina Island is known around the world for its incredible diving and water conditions. Underwater visibility typically ranges from 40-100 feet and temperatures reach into the seventies in the summer time.
Hundreds of species of marine plants and animals make their homes around the island and in the waters off Descanso Beach. It is not uncommon to be surrounded by teeming schools of mackerel or anchovies; spot a sea lion or a solitary bat ray gliding through the blue; or even catch a glimpse of an elusive octopus or California Lobster hiding among the rocks.
Come join us on these water journeys that you will never forget!
If you can walk and breathe, you can participate in Sea Trek. Participants with little or no swimming ability can have the opportunity to experience the thrill of underwater exploration. Using a helmet filled with compressed air supplied from the surface, participants walk along a pathway on the bottom of the ocean while enjoying the marine life. Tour located at Descanso Beach, just a 10 minute walk from town out past the Casino building. Meet us at the SeaTrek booth above the beach club and grass area.
Ages 8 and up.
For reservations or questions please call Scuba Luv at (310) 510-2350.

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Sea Trek $109 Adult / Child / Senior *
Snuba $79*
*Price does not include tax and fees

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Seasonal - Available June to September.


Sea Trek - 40 minutes

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*Tours and times subject to change. Price include taxes and fees and are subject to change without notice.


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